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Neueda Tech: Hugo Espresati, Senior Software Engineer, talks Java

By 12/02/2019 July 4th, 2019 No Comments

Over the years, we have seen Java earn its place as one of the leading programming languages for enterprise applications. We spoke to Neueda Senior Software Engineer Hugo Espresati about the role of Java today, as well as his experiences working at Neueda.

Hugo, can you tell us a bit about your role here at Neueda?

I currently work as a Java tech lead on-site with one of Neueda’s clients, managing a team of six. When Neueda offered me the role, I knew it was time to leave Spain, broaden my horizons and head to a new country. I’ve been living in Belfast since July 2017 and love it so much that I’ve decided to stay here long-term.

Has the application of Java changed in the time that you’ve been a developer?

Java is still applied in different areas for a variety of reasons in both large or small scale applications. Dependence has indeed decreased due to other powerful languages, like C# or Python emerging but Java is still a leading language for large applications for enterprise organisations.

Is there are a shortage of Java developers?

There certainly is, which I find surprising. In Belfast, as well as the rest of the UK, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find Java professionals at any level. Typically, most UK developers are educated in mathematics or physics and so don’t possess a deep knowledge of computer science. This barrier makes it even more challenging to find senior software engineers.

How do you think this shortage can be solved?

I think developers need to be more flexible and open to trying other languages. When I’ve conducted interviews for developers, the candidates have software development expertise in one or two languages. However, if you have a good all-round understanding of programming (Object Oriented programming in this case), it would only take a matter of weeks to get your head around Java. It’s worth making the time investment, as Java professionals are in high demand right now.

What’s it like to be a Java developer at Neueda?

There’s so much variety at Neueda. You have the opportunity to work on different projects and technologies should you want to, which can help developers to stay fresh. The wider team is also always on-hand to collaborate with you and offer any support you might need.

The people are what really set Neueda apart from the rest. I’ve found them to be dynamic, willing to share knowledge and happy to answer any questions, even if you think they might be silly! We always work as a team, and there are a number of initiatives including mentoring for less experienced staff and bespoke training programmes.

What can you say about the Neueda culture?

I love that I get to socialise with my colleagues. I’m a social person and everyone has been so welcoming, helping me to feel at home. In fact, I moved to Belfast on a Thursday, and I was out getting to know the team on Friday! Because I spend a lot of time working in our clients’ offices, it’s important that I still have the opportunity to meet all of the new starts and remain a key part of the team. Anyone who joins Neueda is warmly welcomed and treated like family. I love it.

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