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Greg Magee Talks Python

Our Neueda Tech blog series showcases members of our team working across the globe on a diverse range of software development projects. Today, we’re in Belfast to hear from Senior Software Engineer, Greg Magee and find out more about his role, the popularity of Python in Capital Markets, and what he believes makes Neueda great.

My Journey with Neueda
I’ve been in the software development industry for almost nine years. Prior to joining Neueda, I worked for NYSE Technologies in DevOps before moving into its market data team.

When I started at Neueda five years ago, I worked on Public Sector projects before moving into Capital Markets. As a Senior Software Engineer, I am currently working on python-based projects related to trade booking and calculation of risk and PnL for product control purposes as well as modernization of banking infrastructure via microservices deployed on Kubernetes.

My first assignment within the Capital Market’s team was in New York where I spent 18 months working on Python development projects for the electronic market making division of a Tier 1 Investment Bank. During this time abroad my tasks included the development python services to publish real-time analytics for bond instruments. This project allowed me direct exposure to the Debt Capital Markets business unit and fixed income trading desks. The project modernised their systems and delivered significantly lower latency calculations for intraday pricing compared to the legacy system.

About Python…
Investment Banks are extremely tech-focused and continue to make considerable investments in technology. Python has seen massive growth in this sector in recent years, especially in over-the-counter trading, with it being used for the entire trade lifecycle, from trade capture, execution and booking to complex quantitative analysis, real time pricing and risk management. It’s a popular programming language for Capital Markets due to the ability to rapidly prototype new services, the vast array of libraries (such as NumPy, SciPy and pandas) and the large open-source community. A well-engineered python development and deployment infrastructure provides high developer productivity and as a consequence, it frees up time for the client to focus on business functionality.

We recently partnered with Levyx Inc, a leading big data system software provider, to vastly increase data processing capacity for the Python community. Through the new Helium™–Python interface, we have significantly increased Python’s utility, offering increased efficiency and effectiveness to users within financial markets and beyond.  It’s freely available for use via – the home of all Neueda’s Open Source software.

Neueda Experience So Far
Working in Neueda’s Capital Markets team has offered me the opportunity to learn about a new, exciting market and progress my career, two things that I was particularly keen to do. I’ve since relished the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment on a variety of projects and being involved in the full lifecycle of these projects is a massive bonus.

Neueda offers accelerated career progression for anyone prepared to put the work in. I’ve seen the business grow rapidly over the last five years, and there are more opportunities for career development than ever before. Right now, there are lots of new Python projects starting soon, which I’m particularly looking forward to getting stuck into!

Stay tuned to our Neueda Tech blog series to find out more about the experiences of our dedicated team and the technology they use to create customer success.