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Neueda Knowledge: Senior Software Engineer Laurence Darragh talks .NET

By May 16, 2019 July 4th, 2019 No Comments

Since Microsoft’s increased involvement with open source, we’ve seen the popularity of .NET grow once again. For the latest instalment of our Neueda Knowledge series, we sat down with Senior Software Engineer, Laurence Darragh, about the role of .NET today as well as his experience working at Neueda.

Laurence, can you tell us a bit about your role here?

I joined Neueda as a Senior .NET Software Developer 18 months ago and now have 6 years’ experience in this field of development. During my time here, I’ve worked across both Enterprise Services and Capital Markets which has given me exposure to customer projects across many industries. My first project was for a local public sector organisation, developing a web application where I spent time on-site with the client. I’m currently working on a communication application for an international client, with a team of 6 developers working from our office here in Belfast.

Can you tell us about the communications app?

Sure, it is a .NET desktop application that leverages VOIP technology to enable traders to instantly communicate with each other on the trading floor while removing the need and costs involved in physical infrastructure, such as leased lines. As you can imagine, the speed of communication, reliability and responsiveness of the application is crucial to the traders and is always at the forefront of the application’s design. On this project, the use of C#’s asynchronous features has been prevalent and has enabled us to meet the customer’s needs.

How have recent changes in the .NET Framework helped evolve this client’s project?

Microsoft’s release of .NET Core – a cross-platform, performant, lean and best of all, opensource development framework – has presented some exciting opportunities for both the client and the developers working on the application.

Plans are in place to reengineer our trader communication application using .NET Core. Its new features will enable us to work alongside the UX experts to design and develop an application to run seamlessly on touch screen devices across multiple platforms, not just Windows.

How has the .NET framework changed in the time that you’ve been a developer?

As a leading global organisation, Microsoft has the resources to enhance the .NET framework and its primary language C#, and so is continually introducing new features into the framework. Previously, the Microsoft stack was locked down to Windows Server and IIS, meaning the cost of running your services was going to be much higher compared to other technology stacks which can run on Linux servers, including C#’s main competitor Java. Microsoft’s newfound love for opensource and the arrival of .NET Core has changed all of this. It now offers a cross-platform technology stack and development platform that runs across Windows, Linux or MacOS, meaning .NET and the C# language is in greater demand than ever before.

What’s it like to be a .NET developer at Neueda?

Neueda is a great place to be a developer, whatever your framework or language. There’s a vast variety of work with exciting projects, new technology and the ability to learn which is fantastic for personal development.

We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology and have an excellent developer community within the company with a broad range of skills, personalities and experience. If there’s not an immediate solution to a problem, we can always find it in our wider team.

We’re always looking for experienced .NET Developers to join the team and have a wide range of interesting projects, like the communications app for traders, for them to work on.

Stay tuned to the Neueda blog to get more insights into life at Neueda, what we’re working on, and the talent we’re seeking in 2019.