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Neueda Knowledge: Java Training keeping our tech talent on top

By June 12, 2019 July 4th, 2019 No Comments

Neueda has launched a new in-house training course, offering our developers the chance to develop their Java programming skills to industry standard.

The idea arose after noticing a considerable increase in demand for Java skills from our clients as well as a desire to be challenged coming from our junior staff.  The demand has been so great we will be extending the course and opened it up to anyone in the company to attend.

The 12-week evening programme is being led by our staff and will focus purely on Java. Java is the world’s most popular programming language and has been for a number of years now.

Java has developed a massive ecosystem of libraries and tooling that make it very suitable for writing production level software. Its automatic memory management system (Garbage Collection) largely frees the developer from the pains and dangers of manual memory management, required in lower level languages such as C/C++. Java can still reach performance levels close to those languages but without some of the development overhead. Java is also cross platform, meaning that a programme written in Java will run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

While junior developers often want to learn a wide variety of technologies, we thought it might be more interesting and challenging for them to learn a single technology deeply. This encourages them to consider how the language really works, to think like the compiler, to develop an instinct around programme design and the correct use of classes and interface.

There is a subtle difference between a coder and a developer and the course aims to start bringing students along that path. Knowing a technology deeply is also a massive confidence boost when faced with new, unfamiliar projects.

This training will help our developers within their role at Neueda by expanding their skillset and opening up their capacity to work on a wider range of projects. It will also allow us to strengthen our customer service offering.

Anyone completing the Java course who wishes to achieve official Java certification, will be funded by Neueda to do so.

Neueda runs a range of employee development programmes at every level, as well as external training opportunities for non-IT graduates hoping to pursue a career in tech. We know that supporting the future of the tech sector is best achieved by nurturing talent -and that begins with our own people. Our experienced specialists also find it motivating to share their knowledge and expertise with other staff.

By regularly investing in our people, we want to help everyone here fulfil their potential and in turn we will retain the very best talent and support the future growth of Neueda – a win for everyone!