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Introducing NeuData

By August 2, 2019 August 20th, 2019 No Comments

Neueda’s open data initiative uses the data that is all around us to uncover unique insights and create innovative tools. 

Data is one of the most powerful resources in the digital age. You have probably heard the term ‘data is the new oil’ and, although this analogy has its limitations, data is in many ways the driving force of our modern lives. We all access vast swathes of data every day, from looking up train timetables online to researching the best available mortgage deals. This linear approach to finding data in relation to a key question or task is incredibly important, but when you tap into a wider range of data sources and analyse the findings, you can start to think bigger. Like oil, data must be refined – organised and categorised to be useful. That’s what our NeuData initiative does – tapping into key data sources in the market and channeling these findings into a range of innovative tools and products. 

Find out what NeuData is all about and some of the exciting projects we are working on, below. 

What is NeuData? 

NeuData is Neueda’s open data initiative which is built using the Qlik Platform. It encompasses a portfolio of diverse projects that are using data currently available in the market to gain unique insights, develop tools, and support fun and innovative projects. You can find out more about our current NeuData projects, here

What types of projects are you working on?

We are working across a wide range of areas to highlight the incredible possibilities of open data collection and analysis. From delivering insights on the most popular baby names across the UK to analysing expected goals for football teams to calculate the probability of a winning scoreline. NeuData can also help to visualise key data surrounding vital human issues, including demonstrating trends in refugee movement and analysing average hospital waiting times. 

Are there real-time applications for NeuData? 

Absolutely. One of the most exciting applications of this type of data analysis is the ability to obtain a real-time snapshot of key information. For example, we can use Irish Rail’s API to tell us where all the trains are in Ireland at any one time. Or consolidate multiple data sources to show a rolling analysis of Britain’s electricity generation every 15 minutes. 

What’s next for NeuData? 

NeuData is already demonstrating enormous potential to our clients and colleagues, with a huge range of possible applications across a wide range of sectors. Right now, we are working on new projects to be released over the summer to add to our 9 open data themes. We believe this approach to promoting the use of data could be game-changing and will help organisations and individuals in their journey to become more data literate; we can’t wait to see where NeuData takes us next.