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Innovation, charting a course

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Consumers today think globally. Products and services can be accessed anywhere and compared instantly with those of competitors. Consequently, consumer expectations have evolved to expect a fast, personalised and efficient service.

The cost of being left behind

One of Kodak’s engineers invented digital photography in 1975.  When presented with this new technology Kodak chose to protect their existing business operating model. A model heavily invested across the supply chain to support film photography. As a result, they filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

The cost of getting it wrong

It is not only important to innovate, it’s equally important to understand your audience. The game designers, EA, adopted a business model of continued investment from customers after the purchase of their games, known as micro-transactions. Their implementation offered players the opportunity to upgrade their characters, resulting in a pay-to-win approach. The game’s supporters responded severely by abandoning the game, confirming its failure.

Our experience

At Neueda, we understand that our customers expect a fast, personalised and efficient service. To meet this expectation, we call upon our core values:

  • Trust and respect – working hard at building trust with our colleagues and clients.
  • Own it – taking responsibility for all tasks assigned to us.
  • Create customer success – working with our customers to understand and agree what success looks like, then working together towards it.
  • Challenge, decide, and commit – encouraging our people to share views, debate and agree solutions and commit to delivery.

The foundation of these values supports the development of a strong partnership with our clients. The cost of not consciously nurturing these values would see Neueda’s value proposition weakened and our differentiation in the market reduced.

Our journey so far

In support of our core values, we embarked on a mission to explore innovative approaches to build and strengthen relationships between our employees and customers.

With an ideation tool ‘lightning decision jam’, we were able to engage over 150 staff over a few sessions to generate ideas. By including so many people, we aimed to nurture our culture of generating and sharing ideas. This process gave us the opportunity to follow the advice of industry leaders like Ralph Ohr and Greg Satell, looking for ideas from as many perspectives as possible and setting aside time to share them – all in aid of making innovation an easy and enjoyable experience.

With this theme in mind, we added competition to the lightning decision jam sessions by offering prizes for the most original ideas that would encourage staff to connect. Some of the examples included kitchen link, an open conference break mate tool and the meetup wheel of fortune, a tool deciding which colleague you should meet on a given date for lunch.

You can find out more about Neueda’s lightning decision jam process here:

What did we learn?

Initially, staff were somewhat reluctant to share ideas, often feeling they didn’t think they had any good ideas. With some reassurance and encouragement, they began to embrace the process and it turned out to be a lot of fun with some great suggestions being shared. This was only made possible by setting aside time to hold the sessions. Without structure and the support from management, staff would not have been able to take the time away from their day jobs.

Ideas came from all levels and teams, proof of Neueda’s belief in the ability of great ideas coming from anyone, regardless of position. This was really helped by randomising the blend of teams attending the sessions. Within the workplace, it is natural for people to gravitate towards people like themselves, but by mixing things up, we found more ideas were generated as the sessions progressed. So too did the level of confidence in people to contribute.

When we started this journey we committed to delivering a tangible benefit to our staff, with dogs in the office being the winning solution from the decision jams, recently we partnered with Cavaliers in Need to deliver what the people want. The event was a great success with everyone connecting over the excitement of dogs in the office.

With the buzz we created across the company, colleagues have regularly asked when we will be doing something like this again – a truly successful initiative within Neueda.