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First MiFID II, now Brexit – Neueda helps financial institutions prepare in these uncertain times

By March 25, 2019 July 4th, 2019 No Comments

Brexit has shown us that change is inevitable – it joins a long list of political and regulatory changes that have caused huge headaches for financial institutions. Banks were just recovering from a MiFID II induced hangover when the massive implications of Brexit became clear-ish!

At Neueda, we have helped our customers navigate numerous regulatory and exchange changes over recent years, most notably MiFID II and Euronext Optiq upgrades. We have been partnering with Tier 1 Investment institutions and vendors in their preparations for Brexit since 2017, whether it be through programme support or development capacity.

This places Neueda in the unique position of being able to leverage experience across these projects to assist everyone in our customer base. Our team of highly skilled front office engineers and programme managers are typically delivering these upgrades/changes across asset classes for our global customers. With this breadth of experience, Neueda understands the technical nuances that exist within exchange implementations and is well positioned to deliver significant efficiencies.

In this time of uncertainty, one certainty remains – exchange and regulatory change is inevitable and if anything, its pace will accelerate.

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